About Us

  • Our Goals

    We aspire to be the best provider of retirement preparation programmes in Ireland rather than the biggest provider. We are committed to provide our clients with the most up to date and leading edge service possible. We demonstrate this commitment through our engagement with our peers in Europe. This collaboration, unique in Ireland helps us to ensure we encapsulate in our work the most up to date methodologies, information and best practice principles.

  • Our Mission

    Our mission is to provide our clients and seminar attendees with the most  current and accurate information to help them make the retirement decisions that are best for  themselves. We strive at all times to continue to be the leading and most innovative provider of retirement education that other providers in Ireland seek to emulate. It is our objective to ensure that we use the most experienced, qualified and independent speakers to help us achieve this objective. Our retirement seminars  will only ever be led by a fully qualified, experienced practitioner who has at least achieved MSc. level in Pre-Retirement Education. Unlike other providers in Ireland who engage in retirement planning as an ancilliary service or part-time hobby, we are full-time professionals in this sphere.

    We believe that someday in Ireland all retirement seminar leaders will be fully qualified practitioners but until that time we are the only provider in Ireland who can fulfil that criteria.

  • Our Promise

    Our professionalism demands we be the best and our motto is “you are only as good as your last job”

    We aim to deliver the best service first time every time

    All our independent speakers are renowned experts in their respective fields

    We are passionate in our goal to help all our seminar participants see retirement as an opportunity not a threat

    We are not connected to or affiliated to any vested interest group in financial or pensions industry

    We take our work seriously and uniquely in Ireland we are the only provider engaged in retirement planning as our full-time livelihood not a part-time hobby

    We have Ireland’s most experienced provider of retirement education programmes and the only provider to engage with our international peers to ensure we always provide the most leading edge service to you our client.

  • Why Plan for Retirement?

    International best practice suggests people should begin to plan for retirement about five years beforehand. We agree this is ideal but realistically for many people between twelve and eighteen months in advance might be more practical. So why do you need to plan?

    1. To gain an understanding of retirement as an opportunity not a threat
    2. To take a positive approach to your personal change in retirement
    3. To take stock of major areas of our lives that need some thought in retirement such as health, finance, relationships, and managing time with purpose.
    4. To give you the confidence and knowledge/skills to make this a most rewarding phase of life.

Our Courses

Our seminars are conducted in a friendly and interactive environment that empowers participants to see retirement as a great opportunity. Our participants learn through combining their own experiences with input from our qualified lecturers. Our team are specially chosen for their ability to provide participants in our seminars with the knowledge and confidence to take maximum advantage and the rewards that retirement can bring. The courses we offer are as follows.

Retirement Planning Seminar

Mid Career Financial Planning Seminar

What We Do & Why

Accepted international best practice has for many years suggested that attendees benefit more from a one day retirement seminar with a great degree of focus, rather than the two day seminar of olden days. We led this change throughout Europe since 2004. We have designed and constantly monitor and update if necessary a one day programme that allows participants discuss/engage/and speak personally one to one with our specialist speakers where required. We do this by putting a strict upper limit on attendee numbers to ensure maximum value is achieved for each participant. We seek to get the right balance between covering our costs and providing maximum benefit to our clients and their employees. This differs from many other providers who operate with different goals in mind. The results and feedback have been excellent.

  • A Positive Approach to Retirement

    This session deals in a practical way with the main areas of change we can expect to encounter in our journey into retirement. We highlight the feelings and emotions experienced by many people as they head into retirement and explore how to negotiate these feelings/emotions successfully. We provide reassurance on the normality of this process.

    We discuss the changes that may be encountered in the areas of relationships, and how to manage new found time with purpose. We look at ways to maintain and/or improve our health in retirement looking at health from many angles such as physical/mental/social/emotional etc.

    We strongly believe that this session is the most crucial on the seminar and our objective is to ensure that seminar participants identify the main issues within each area that apply to them and develop the confidence and skills to manage the changes positively and effectively.

  • Personal Taxation

    This session explains in logical steps how the tax system works and applies to individuals. We look at what impact retirement has on our taxation status and how to ensure that we are not overpaying tax and getting all our allowances.

    This session also alerts participants to how they might be impacted by other areas of taxation such as Capital Gains Tax and Capital Acquisitions Tax

  • Financial Planning Issues

    Many participants in occupational pension schemes will be able to look forward to a lump sum on their retirement. We look at how they can maximise this lump sum externally from the  pension scheme in advance of retirement.

    This session also explains how to evaluate investment returns from a range of financial bodies from banks, post office, credit unions to life assurance funds and other vehicles.

    The key objective is to equip the participants with the knowledge to ask the right questions of those they might seek financial advice from when they retire.

  • Wills & Inheritance

    It is surprising how many attendees on retirement seminars have let their personal affairs drift and have not got things in order. This session will explain how to make a will, why you should make a will, and how to structure a will to be as legally effective as possible.

    Other areas that are now discussed with a greater degree of relevance are ordinary Power of Attorney and increasingly important is the Enduring Power of Attorney

  • Social Welfare Benefits & Pensions

    The system in Ireland is riddled with complexity and facing some substantial changes in the coming years. We explain how entitlement to short term benefits  apply to individuals. We discuss the changing nature of social insurance pension provision and provide guidance on how to ensure we keep our pension entitlements up to date.

    This session outlines future proposed changes to the system and discusses how this might impact on potential retirees.

  • Healthy Lifestyle Options

    This session can be led by a Doctor or one of our Healthy Lifestyle Experts. We cover practical issues that need to be addressed to ensure participants understand common health issues pertaining to retirees.

    We look in a practical and humorous way at ideas and steps we can take in our day to day lives to maintain and improve our health in retirement to ensure we get maximum enjoyment out of this phase of life.

  • Client Pension Scheme

    This session only applies to in-house seminars where clients may avail of the opportunity to include a session covering the main points of their pension scheme for the information of attendees

Corporate Partnership

We work with you to develop a suite of products
and services to help your business.

Our Team

Kira Byrne
Kira Byrne BL

Kira Byrne BL is a Barrister practising mainly in Family, Probate and Property Law. Having qualified from

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Patrick Murphy APMLPA, MSc

Patrick  Murphy APMLPA, MSc, is Ireland’s only full time independent provider of mid-career and retirement education with

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Ronan Bray Financial Planner

Ronan Bray is a Certified Financial Planner with over 30 years experience in the Life & Pensions

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Gerry Stewart QFA

Gerry is a Qualified Financial Advisor (QFA) and a qualified Retirement Planning Advisor (RPA) and was formerly

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Oonagh Casey CTA, QFA

Oonagh is a Chrtered Tax Advisor (CTA) and a Qualifed Financial Advisor (QFA)with 23 years’ experience in

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Roger Murray Head of the Medical Negligence Department

Roger Murray is Joint Managing Partner and Head of the Medical Negligence Department which has a national

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Mura Browne Solicitor
Mary Dorgan Solicitor
Noreen Broderick Solicitor
Sinead McGrath Barrister
Tabitha Wood Barrister
Lynn Fenelon Barrister
David O’Malley Solicitor
Gerard McCarthy Solicitor


Dr. Brendan McCarthy GP
Liz Kirby Dietitian
Linda Hogan Dietitian
Dr. Annette Hunter GP
Frank Fahey Healthy Lifestyle Consultant


Leona Ryan
Kevin Condon
Paul Lee
Pierce Grace
Alison Murphy
Charlie Gaule
Elaine Daly


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