Rates / Discounts


Corporate Membership Benefits 2017

  1. All Corporate Members are given first preference on places on retirement planning seminars.
  2. Our Corporate Members receive discounted rates for employees/spouses/partners booked on our Open Retirement Planning Seminars in 2017. The fee per participant for non-members in 2017 will be is €295 + VAT  and for Corporate Members the fee is €250 plus VAT.
  3. We send all Corporate Members any articles we publish or any papers delivered at International Conferences and these can be reproduced in company publications in full or in part if desired.
    1. If a Corporate Member requires an article to be written specifically for an in house publication on issues relating to retirement and we can do it, then we provide this free of charge.
    2. Corporate Members who run in house mid-career and/or retirement planning seminars in 2017 will receive between 15-  20% off standard fee.
  4. All our Corporate Members receive regular updates on issues pertaining to retirement.