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Our open seminars cater for our clients who might not have sufficient employee numbers to run an in-house programme. We run these seminars in a wide range of locations to make them as accessible to as many people as possible and cut down on the necessity to travel out of region to avail of the opportunity to plan for retirement. The seminars are designed to provide maximum enjoyment/engagement/value for each participant. The seminars are run in top class venues over one day and we limit numbers of attendees to ensure the maximum value is achieved by all participants. As with all our programmes the open seminars incorporate the most up to date thinking in retirement planning, and deliver current and accurate information to allow participants to make the most informed decisions about their retirement plans.

Course Features

Highest quality information

The information you receive allows for the greatest degree of practical application in your life in retirement. Seminar content is constantly updated to ensure its accuracy and relevance is always the best it can be.

Top quality seminar materials

Our seminar materials make it as easy as possible to follow through on your plans for retirement as they act as an easy to read reminder of the most important information you receive.

Supporting resources

Practical information on useful websites and organisation’s, allied to other resources such as budget planners, pension legislation guides etc are at your disposal on our website.

Independence & experience

You will meet the most experienced, professional, dedicated and independent team of experts on our seminars and you can always call on them after the seminar for guidance and advice

Topics Covered

A Positive Approach to Personal Change in Retirement

Dealing with changes in relationships, and managing time are covered. Practical ideas are explored to give participants the tools to plan to deal successfully with the challenges presented by these aspects of life.

Financial Planning Issues

Having worked long and hard to earn a pension and lump sum it is important that participants have an understanding of the plethora of options for investing money. Our independent experts explain how the most common financial products work, and alert participants to the questions they need to ask when they seek financial advice.

Personal Taxation

Many people are paying more tax than they should for a number of reasons. We outline how the tax system works and show participants how to maximise their position.

Work/Leisure Opportunities

Being bored is no longer a major concern for retirees and we highlight many of the opportunities to find work and develop hobbies and interests.


Our health is crucial and we create an awareness in the participants of some practical steps to take to maintain their good health in retirement.

Wills & Inheritance

Getting our personal affairs in order so we can get on with enjoying our retirement is important. Some practical guidance on dealing with and reviewing our affairs are explained in this session.

Social Welfare Benefits and Pensions

This system in Ireland is extremely complex and we guide the participants through what can appear to be minefield to ensure they understand how the system works, what they are entitled to and how to maintain and claim those entitlements.

Satisfied Customers

Thousands of people have attended our retirement planning seminars throughout Ireland and have benefitted greatly from the experience in making better plans for a rewarding retirement.

Our greatest satisfaction comes from the number of participants telling us that having gone through one of our seminars they now see retirement as a positive experience and not a negative as had been the case beforehand.

Why we are Ireland’s leading retirement education provider

Our principal team leader and founder Patrick Murphy through his interaction with his peers in Europe brings a broader perspective to his work in retirement education than can be found elsewhere. His team of independent professionals also undergo regular review and assessment to ensure we always provide the highest quality service.

Retirement Planning Seminar Agenda

08.30 Tea/Coffee/Scones
09.00 A Positive Approach to Change in Retirement
10.30 Morning Coffee
10.50 Taxation Issues
12.05 Financial Planning Issues
13.00 Lunch
14.15 Social Welfare Issues
15.30 Afternoon Tea
15.45 Legal Issues or Healthy Lifestyle Options
17.00 Review and Close














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