Retirement Planning

In-House Seminar

Who is this for?

• We would recommend our in-house retirement planning seminars for any organization
with eight or more employees within three to five years of retirement
• Spouses and partners of employees are strongly encouraged to be invited to attend.

Why choose an in-house seminar?

• The in-house option is more cost effective when eight or more employees wish to attend
• You can maximize the benefit to the seminar participants by providing your employees with information on topics specific to your organization such as Pensions, Employee Assistance Programmes etc.

What is covered?

Our Retirement Planning Seminars are designed to allow the attendee to consider, plan and manage for their retirement in each of the following key areas:
• A positive approach to personal change in retirement
• Financial planning
• Personal taxation
• Work and leisure opportunities
• Health
• Wills & inheritance
• Social welfare benefits & pensions

1.1 Seminars customised to suit your organisation’s specific requirements

On all our In-House Retirement Planning Seminars we provide the option, as required, to include some specific topics to an organization such as Pensions, Employee Assistance Programmes etc.

Satisfied customers

Thousands of people have attended our retirement planning seminars throughout Ireland and have benefited greatly from the experience in making better plans for a rewarding retirement. You can see from a sample of participant testimonials what they thought of their experience.

Why we are Ireland’s leading retirement education provider

We have invited many of our client organizations to compare and contrast our work with other providers and every client who has taken up the invitation has made us their preferred provider of retirement education.

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