International best practice suggests people should begin to plan for retirement about five years beforehand. We agree this is ideal but realistically for many people between twelve and eighteen months in advance might be more practical. So why do you need to plan?

  1. To gain an understanding of retirement as an opportunity not a threat
  2. To take a positive approach to your personal change in retirement
  3. To take stock of major areas of our lives that need some thought in retirement such as health, finance, relationships, and managing time with purpose.
  4. To give you the confidence and knowledge/skills to make this a most rewarding phase of life.

Our professionalism demands we be the best and our motto is “you are only as good as your last job”

We aim to deliver the best service first time every time

All our independent speakers are renowned experts in their respective fields

We are passionate in our goal to help all our seminar participants see retirement as an opportunity not a threat

We are not connected to or affiliated to any vested interest group in financial or pensions industry

We take our work seriously and uniquely in Ireland we are the only provider engaged in retirement planning as our full-time livelihood not a part-time hobby

We have Ireland’s most experienced provider of retirement education programmes and the only provider to engage with our international peers to ensure we always provide the most leading edge service to you our client.

Our mission is to provide our clients and seminar attendees with the most  current and accurate information to help them make the retirement decisions that are best for  themselves. We strive at all times to continue to be the leading and most innovative provider of retirement education that other providers in Ireland seek to emulate. It is our objective to ensure that we use the most experienced, qualified and independent speakers to help us achieve this objective. Our retirement seminars  will only ever be led by a fully qualified, experienced practitioner who has at least achieved MSc. level in Pre-Retirement Education. Unlike other providers in Ireland who engage in retirement planning as an ancilliary service or part-time hobby, we are full-time professionals in this sphere.

We believe that someday in Ireland all retirement seminar leaders will be fully qualified practitioners but until that time we are the only provider in Ireland who can fulfil that criteria.

We aspire to be the best provider of retirement preparation programmes in Ireland rather than the biggest provider. We are committed to provide our clients with the most up to date and leading edge service possible. We demonstrate this commitment through our engagement with our peers in Europe. This collaboration, unique in Ireland helps us to ensure we encapsulate in our work the most up to date methodologies, information and best practice principles.